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Right For Your Brand Whether you're searching through reviews, ratings, or references, the specifics you're looking for should be clear. You want an agency you can trust, with a proven record of results. But that doesn't necessarily narrow down what your specific business needs. If you're in eCommerce, the goal of your email marketing is easy to identify: you want to increase customer acquisition, purchases, and retention. And to find an agency that can do all these things, asking the following questions will help you get on the right path.

Posted July 30, 2018 by Alicia Burns in Branding, Ecommerce Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy Goodbye brick and mortar, shoppers now prefer to buy online. Not only do people prefer online shopping, but eCommerce stores are actually more profitable. This shift in the retail industry has flooded the internet with entrepreneurs opening up shop. But it’s not enough to just set your site live and wait for sales. A very important aspect of any business is marketing, but how do you market for a store that’s online? Unfortunately, you can’t have a dancing man with a sandwich sign on in front of your store that’s only located on the Internet. This is where eCommerce email marketing comes in play. One of the best ways to market

for a store that has no physical location (even for stores that have physical locations and an online presence) is through email marketing. This is because you can reach target customers wherever they are, However, eCommerce email marketing requires much more work than it might seem. When done correctly, eCommerce email marketing can drive 25% of your total revenue and return a 7x ROI. Not everyone has the knowledge to set up a successful eCommerce email marketing system; this is where eCommerce email marketing agencies help out. eCommerce email marketing agencies do much more than just send emails. Assisting a company with their eCommerce email marketing efforts is a science. To understand the totality of what eCommerce email marketing agencies do, let’s break it down

into four processes.

How much an eCommerce business spends on an email marketing campaign will depend on certain variables like the number of subscribers, conversion goals, types of emails, and more. On average, most businesses tend to spend between $500 to $2,000 per month, given their unique variables. We always like to remind our clients, however, that email marketing has a very high return on investent. Every $1 spent will yield $10 to $42 in revenue. Those numbers


What Factors Into An Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency S Cost

Finding The Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency You Need

There are a lot of eCommerce agencies to consider, and while price matters, remember to find the agency that can best deliver what you need now. This can take some searching if you're not sure what you need. If you want a second set of eyes on your email marketing campaigns, schedule a consultation. We'll help you see where you're succeeding and where you could use some improvement in your email marketing. And, even if you don't go with us, we'll show you where the opportunities in your campaigns lie. Ecommerce Email

Marketing Best Practices


At Wavebreak Our Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency Helps Qualified Stores

Finding The Right Ecommerce Email Marketing Digital Agency

Now that you have a better understanding of what to look for in an email marketing digital agency, it’s time to take the next step. Our email marketing proposals are designed to get you the best results for your eCommerce store. We'll develop a six-month strategy plan that establishes a consistent ROI, and what's better is that we'll handle everything. From the rule setup to email design, we'll assist with increasing your revenue

to heights we can both be proud of. Ecommerce Email Marketing Performance Agency Hi, I’m Chris Orzechowski. I’m the Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Orzy Media. Over the years, ecommerce brand owners kept reaching out to me because they all shared a common problem: They had an email list… but they didn’t know the RIGHT way to monetize it. They knew they had money waiting for them in this asset… but

they wanted to market in a way that didn’t piss off their customers, cause massive unsubscribe, OR burn out their list. That’s why I founded Orzy Media, a boutique agency that specializes in helping eCommerce companies grow and scale with email marketing. We’re on a mission to help our clients grow their revenue (and profit) without burning out their lists or pissing off their customers. And we’d like to help Ecommerce Digital

Marketing Agency An agency that listens Yes, we’ll run your keyword campaigns for you to help drive qualified leads to your ecommerce site, but we want to do more than that. We want to hear your big ideas of what you think will work for your business. We’ll help you set and go after new goals and celebrate our successes when we get there together. Our total attention It takes time and

care to build a partnership that works. The Cardinal team invests that time in your company’s success. We can come to your office or hop on a video call and develop a winning ecommerce SEO strategy that complements your unique approach to the market. Our team is never too busy to answer your questions. At Cardinal, we pair a search engine optimization expert with your business and work side-by-side with you along

the way. You’ll receive personal updates and answers in a timely manner for any questions or concerns you may have throughout the Fast, honest reporting Receive reports on the results of your ecommerce search engine optimization team’s efforts as little as or often as you want. You will have dashboards you can access any time, and also 24/7 access to Cardinal’s marketing experts. Email Marketing Agency | E-mail Marketing | ECommerce Partners

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