3 bounce rates role of google analytics in seo

3 Bounce Rates Role Of Google Analytics In Seo

You can get a report of all your individual sites’ bounce rate. It is a very effective idea to pay particular attention to this metric with reference to each and every individual page. The report gives you an overview and lets you identify those pages with bounce rates below average. It also states the average session duration of each page, giving you a detailed result of the amount of time that a user spends in each

of the pages of your website. You can figure out how to make more engaging content for decreasing the site’s bounce rates as well as increasing the amount of time that a consumer spends on your site. With lowering bounce rates on pages which have significant organic traffic, you can increase your overall rankings in the long run.

With Google Analytics, you are provided with a summary of all of your top channels and how each one of them is performing in terms of traffic volume, behavior as well as conversions. You will be able to identify which search engines are sending traffic to your website the most. The application also provides you with an overview of keywords. This will help you strengthen your base of Search Engine Optimization strategy even

more as you get to know about your working keywords and thus you can base more off of your content on it. This can be availed by heading to the ‘Overview’ tab then clicking on ‘Acquisition’ and choosing ‘Organic Search’. Whenever there is a drop in the traffic of a website, the first thought that the owners come up with is that there is a drop in the organic traffic. But it

is not necessary that it is all about the organic traffic only. Sometimes there can be a consistent hike in the organic traffic and a drop in the traffic from other sources and this may have led to a drop in the overall To check this out, you need to open the Channel Grouping report. This can be done by following the flowchart of Acquisition>All Traffic> Channels. Here you need to click

on ‘organic search’. You will get a detailed insight into your organic traffic on the site.

Having a single Dashboard with different widgets helps you in saving time in reviewing different reports. The single view is easy so that you can access it conveniently and can even print it. With such ease, you will be able to spend more time on currently the mistakes in place of investing a huge time in reviewing different reports individually. After the challenge of making use of the SEO tactics successfully, the next challenge that is faced is to review the outcome from the SEO practices. Google Analytics makes this quite easy so that the right tactics can be used in order to get the right results. So, by understanding the right role of Google Analytics for your Search Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, you can measure the performance and success of your marketing campaign. Want to know how useful Google Analytics can be

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2 Site Speed Role Of Google Analytics In Seo

6 Assisted Conversions Role Of Google Analytics In Seo

There is a ‘Conversions’ tab in the Google Analytics which gives you a view of all the assisted conversions of your site. If the user goes to your website through a link from social media, chances are that most of the users won’t convert on their first visit to a website. They are more likely to go directly to your website when they are returning the next time around to make a purchase. With this, you can understand what percentages of a website’s conversions are coming as a result of purely organic traffics. Thus, it provides more accurate and valuable data when it comes to the quality of

your organic traffic. If you are noticing a drop in organic assisted conversions even though your web site’s organic traffic has remained consistent, then it might mean that the leads have ceased to qualify and that you should do a review of your keyword and content strategy.


7 Measuring The Seo Traffic Quality Role Of Google Analytics In Seo

9 Checking Slow Loading Pages Role Of Google Analytics In Seo

Slow loading pages can be highly irritating and can one of the major reasons for increased bounce rate. It is important to improve the loading time of the site pages so that the site can get optimized and can get high traffic. To know about the slow loading pages of your site, you need to use the flowchart Behavior>Site Speed>Page Timings. You can make use of the filter feature and can scroll down to look for the organic traffic.

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